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Recipe for ricotta sweet roll

Ingredients for ricotta sweet roll: 3 eggs 120g sugar 130g “00” finely ground flour 150g Ricocrem ricotta cream 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 pinch of salt 200g dark or white chocolate 100g of coconut flour. Preparation of ricotta sweet roll Beat the yolks with the sugar; whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and combine with the…

Recipes/Traditional desserts

Recipe of the pandoro cup

Ingredients for the pandoro cup: 1 pandoro 300g Ricocrem ricotta cream 100g honey 80g peeled hazelnuts 80g peeled almonds 50g candied orange 120g icing sugar 1 egg. Preparatione of the pandoro cup Cut the top off the pandoro and empty it out, taking care not to break it up, leaving a thickness of about 2cm in the walls and bottom….

Recipes/Ricotta cream pie/Traditional desserts

The Neapolitan Pastiera recipe

Ingredients for the Neapolitan Pastiera: 500g puff pastry 1 box of cooked wheat 500g Ricocrem ricotta cream 200ml milk 30g butter 4 eggs zest of 1/2 lemon 35g candied lime 35g candied orange 1 phial of orange flower flavouring 1 pinch of salt. Preparation of Neapolitan Pastiera Mix the wheat and milk in a pot over a slow flame until…

Recipes/Ricotta cream cakes/Traditional desserts

The Sicilian Cassata recipe

Ingredients for the Sicilian Cassata: 1 sponge cake 1 glass of white vermouth 500g of Ricocrem ricotta cream 70g dark chocolate 50g candied pumpkin 1 sachet of vanilla 200g almond flour 200g sugar green colorant for desserts 400g candied fruit 100ml water 250g icing sugar 1 cassata dish diameter 30cm. Preparation of the Sicilian Cassata Mix the almond flour with…


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