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Ricocrem Cozzo's Company

Since 1980 we have been processing sheep’s milk ricotta cheese to make an authentic, genuine and highly professional product.

Ricocrem, the sheep ricotta cream for confectionery

Ricocrem Cozzo is a company specialized in production of frozen sweet ricotta cream for confectionery and catering, as well as kits for the making of Sicilian cannoli, suitable for who works in horeca sector. Ricocrem also produces a non-professional Ricò line of products for families and supermarket retailers.

The Ricocrem Company is located in Carini, into the heart of Sicily, a land rich of history and traditions. The same tradition that continues to inspire Cozzo’s family, that maintains the ancient processing methods, handed down over the centuries by the Sicilian shepherds. In fact these principles have been included in the modern production and rapid freezing technologies.

The Ricocrem Cozzo’s Company uses the best genuine ingredients, selected for quality and provenance standards. A choice taken to guarantee products for professional use with high standards, also in terms of food and nutritional safety facts.

The balanced mix of tradition and innovation, which manifests itself in the technological field, as the industrial but sustainable production, and in the design of formats and sales processes. All of this makes Ricocrem a leader brand company for production of semi-finished products for pastry. An international brand known and appreciated all over the world.

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Factory Production

Factory production

Ricocrem specializes in the production of sheep ricotta cream, used in the mixing of fresh sheep’s milk ricotta cheese and sugar, packaged and frozen for professional use in confectionery.

Tradition & Sustainability

Tradition & Sustainability

Modern technology, respect for the environment and for Sicilian traditions guarantee safety and quality standards for highly genuine and professional products.