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Ricocrem Cozzo: a sweet production

Everything is naturally and simply better with Ricocrem, the sweet ricotta cream, because we use only the best ingredients.

Tradition & innovation: how we make frozen ricotta cream

Ricocrem plant is spread over an area of over four thousand square meters, divided between the production hall and a very large area where there are the blast chillers and freezing cells, as well as a big space for logistics.

The Ricocrem frozen ricotta cream production process begins with the arrival in factory of raw materials, at the discharge hall, where we store the sheep’s milk ricotta, filtered at a controlled temperature.

The real production of frozen ricotta cream starts with dosage of sugar and the fresh sheep ‘s milk ricotta cheese. Then ingredients are mixed  and refined to make the cream of ricotta.

After filling and the weight check, each Ricocrem package is sealed up with the warranty seal, batch code and expiry date. Then finally the freezing cycle starts with the rapid freezing process at -35°C and storage at -18°C in cold rooms.

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Ricocrem Company

Ricocrem Company

Founded in a land rich in history and traditions, Ricocrem Cozzo is a leader company in the production of frozen sheep ricotta cream, for pastry and catering

Tradition & Sustainability

Tradition & Sustainability

Modern technologyrespect for the environment and for Sicilian traditions guarantee safety and quality standards for highly genuine and professional products.