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Ricocrem Cozzo: Tradition & Sustainability

Our venture is to bring Sicilian sweetness and tradition all over the world, warding the future of planet and of our children.

Ricocrem Cozzo's Company: tradition, innovation, future

Quality, nature and tradition are the most important values for Ricocrem Cozzo’s Company. Bring the best side of Sicilian food around the world, with the authentic taste of Sicilian ricotta cream and pastry tradition. Still making a typical seasonal product easily perishable, like the sweetened ricotta, always available for professional pastry use. Thanks to the rapid method freezing, which does not require the addition of preservatives, products keeps all organoleptic qualities.

Quality that is preserved even with the selection of the best Italian ingredients, and by a weekly check with microbiological analyzes on all the production lots.

Cozzo’s Ricocrem is also a company that respects nature even as environmental sustainability, spending great attention and sensitivity to minimum impact policies. In fact the Ricocrem Cozzo factory is equipped with a plant for the purification of waste water as well as a photovoltaic panel system that guarantees the self-consumption of electricity and hot water.

The use of innovative technologies, the respect for the environment and safety standards, the correct application of traceability and hygienic sanitary standards according to EU standards.

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Ricocrem Company

Ricocrem Company

Founded in a land rich in history and traditions, Ricocrem Cozzo is a leader company in the production of frozen sheep ricotta cream, for pastry and catering

Factory production

Factory production

Ricocrem specializes in the production of sheep ricotta cream, used in the mixing of fresh sheep’s milk ricotta cheese and sugar, packaged and frozen for professional use in confectionery.