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Kit Cannolo Express Mini for preparing the original Sicilian cannoli homemade: ingredients for 8 cannoli

Do you want to astonish your guests by preparing delicious homemade cannoli? This is the food kit for you! Cannolo Express Mini is the original kit for preparing the Sicilian cannoli homemade. 8 cannolo biscuits and a practical 160 g sac à poche with the traditional ricotta cream filling.

You can find the Cannolo Express Mini kit at the frozen food department in supermarkets.

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Kit for preparing homemade Sicilian cannoli

A practical and clever tool kit to immediately bring the typical taste of Sicilian cannoli to your own home. A complete pack with all ingredients and tools for the preparation of 8 cannoli. In the Cannolo Express Mini kit, in fact, you will find 8 mini biscuits cannoli ready to be filled with the practical 160 g sac à poche with the classic Ricocrem sheep ricotta cream.

You can find the Cannolo Express Mini kit at the frozen food department in supermarkets.

Kits for Sicilian Cannoli are also available in the Catering edition for professional chefs and restaurateurs.

  • Mini cannolo biscuits 8 pieces
  • Pastry bag with ricotta cream 160 g

Nutrition facts per 100g of product

Calories 376,2 Kcal – 582,6 Kj
Proteins 3,8 g
Carbohydrates 61,0 g
Fats 13,0 g

All ingredients

Ricotta, sugar, cannoli waffles

Defrosting time

1 hour at room temperature

Expiry after opening

Store in refrigerator for 7 days

Stockist information

880 pack kits per pallet

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