Ricocrem is a remarkable experience, born in a land rich in history and great traditions, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of sheep’s ricotta cream sweetened and frozen Sicilian, who kept intact the old procedures handed down over the centuries by shepherds, without sacrificing innovation.
Our story is about people who love their work every day are committed with the same passion to make sweeter the lives of millions of consumers by offering the highest quality products.
Located in the industrial area of Carini in the province of Palermo, Ricocrem is headquartered in a modern and efficient plant, with innovative systems that allow an automated production cycle. Within the industry, even the offices logistics and administration, for optimal management of both production and orders.
Today, the Ricocrem is recognized by the market as the industry leader, both in Italy and abroad, having dimensions and characteristics of a large and modern company.


Nature and tradition are the ingredients of our products. Awareness to offer the consumer a typical seasonal regional product available all year round, taking advantage of the deep-freezing technique which allows you to store the products without the use of preservatives and additives while maintaining the organoleptic qualities intact.


Ricocrem specializes in the production of fresh cheese pastry and frozen sweetened, obtained by the homogeneous mixture of sheep’s ricotta cheese and sugar, packed in plastic food buckets.
Modern technology and new automated systems are very safe and the best hygienic conditions sanitarie according to the rules dictated by the European Union, with the correct application of traceability and any other information useful to safeguard the interests of the consumer and those of company.